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Fresh Moon Cloth Breast Pads

Php 400.00

New and Improved design!

These pads are excellent alternatives to disposables!  One layer of organic cotton velour backed with a layer of wool interlock and extra hemp core.  These pads provide superb protection and softness.

Contains: 1 pair

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Our Organic Cotton Velour/Wool Interlock with extra Hemp Core Breastpads are made with one layer of organic cotton velour, one layer of hemp and backed with a layer of wool interlock.  These pads provide the ultimate protection even during nursing letdown.  Highly recommended for new nursing moms – the cotton velour is super soft while the natural oils help prevent the material from sticking to sore, cracked nipples.  The wool backing provides a thick wetness protection barrier for that easy let-down.

Weight .04 kg
Dimensions 16.51 x 12.7 x .508 cm

Punkin Butt



Measure 5.25″ (w) x 4″(l).

Machine washable on delicates in lingerie bag (recommend hand wash), line dry.