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Cornstarch Vegetable Rattles Toy Set – 6pcs.

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  • The vegetable baby toy is a “eco-friendly, unpoisonous” product made 100% with corn components.
  • Eco-friendly baby rattle and teether set made from NatureWorksⓇPLA(Soft part : elastomer)
  • Does not contain BPA, dioxins and other environmental hormones.
  • After use, disposal is biodegradable, protecting the environment.  Composition: the shape of Drum, Heart, Trumpet, Star, Candy, Finger
  • Rounded corners are designed the infant’s safety. * Pastel color and soft beads for safety * Comply with CE and ASTM.
  • Cornstarch rattle toy
  • Materials: PLA-Natureworks®, Silicone Certification: CE, Korean Eco Label
  • World’s First 100% PLA product**
  • Raw material “Bio-Plastic, PLA (Polylaticacid)” made from botanic materials such as corn has no toxic substances such as environmental hormones (Dioxins, Bisphenol A), or lead and cadmium.  If buried in the soils after use, at the composting condition (humidity 90%, temperature 60℃ or higher, microorganism in soils) it is naturally biodegraded.

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1. Composition : Trumpet, Star, Drum, Heart, Finger, Candy

2. Trumpet & Drum : Since mouthpiece is attached, it can make a sound and has the effect of training respiratory muscle through the exercise of making sound.

3. Heart & Star: This is a good toy that stimulates the curiosity of the babies with its good sense of grip and ample sound of the beads.

4. Finger & Candy : As a soft silicone harmless to human body in combined use as a teether and Rattle, safe for use in the soft baby’s gum.

Weight .53 kg
Dimensions 26.67 x 28.575 x 7.112 cm

Vegetable Baby